Causes of Arthritis

Causes of Arthritis

Causes of Arthritis

There are many causes of arthritis and some of the causes are unknown as to why they happen.  Arthritis is a condition which effects billions of people worldwide and as of the current timing, there is no true cure for it.  That sounds awful, but it’s the truth of the matter.  Some people think that the main cause for arthritis is hereditary factors and although that is true, the main reasoning for arthritis will have many causes, as well different treatment plans and so on.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to investigating the world of arthritis and today, we are actually going to be taking a look into some of the causes of arthritis.

What are the Initial Causes of Arthritis?

Depending on what type of arthritis a person has will ultimately result in different causes.  For all types of arthritis, there will be no single cause because all forms of this condition are different and will affect people in different ways.  So, there will be no solid answer to that question because the answer will definitely vary.  The different forms of arthritis can be linked to specific factors, but there haven’t been any noted, true causes for arthritis in general.  Below in a listing format, we are going to go over a few of the common arthritis causes that you may want to be aware of.


This is a very common factor and cause when it comes to arthritis because throughout a person’s life, most people will endure what they call a trauma.  A trauma is like a minor car accident, falling off a horse, and basically any type of physical injury from minor all the way to extreme cases.  Keep in mind that in most cases where there is an injury, the impact of the crash or accident, when it happens right then will do most, if not all of the damage right then and there, but a lot of the times will not show up until later in life when old age hits.


Sometimes age has a lot to do with developing arthritis, although there have been cases whereas young people will develop arthritis, sometimes throughout infection or being born with arthritis.  So, yes there have been cases like that, but nine times out of ten, the older a person is, the higher risk they will be at for developing arthritis because of past injuries, hard physical labor and the general wearing and tearing process of the joints and muscles.


Keep in mind that women aged fifty or more will be placed at a much greater risk because the older a woman gets, the more brittle and weak her bones tend to become.  It’s just all part of the wearing down process a woman’s body will go through.  Another factor to take into consideration is that most women will develop the type of arthritis called, rheumatoid arthritis.  What is rheumatoid arthritis?  This is a form of arthritis in which effects the immune system.  What initially happens is a person’s immune system will incorrectly attack a person’s joints.  There will be inflammation around the joint which will cause swelling and a lot of irritation.  Many women will develop rheumatoid arthritis in the hands and feet.


This will also be a cause of arthritis because by carrying around excess pounds places a lot of pressure on the joints and when a person is obese for many years, the risk of developing arthritis only heightens.  A lot of weight will tend to place stress on the hips, spine, and knees.  This will be where a lot of the breakdown will occur in the joints.

Family History Factor

A lot of people are actually born with the gene of arthritis and as they age, their condition will only get worse and the bad news is that there’s absolutely nothing a person can do to prevent it.  Now, there are medical practices that a person can engage in to lessen the severity of arthritis, but getting rid of it completely is absolutely impossible.  There is no cure for it.  Believe it or not, but there are even babies that are born with arthritis which makes it impossible for them to even walk, but that has been in rare cases.

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